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Kajabi: The All-In-One Solution for Creating, Marketing, and Selling Digital Products

kajabi May 28, 2021

Kajabi: The All-In-One Solution for Creating, Marketing, and Selling Digital Products

What if you could create, market, and sell your digital products from one place? What if that platform had the tools to capture leads, build an email list, run a membership site or online course...and much more? Well now you can! In this blog post I'm going to introduce you to Kajabi. Kajabi is the all-in-one business platform with everything you need for creating and selling your products online.


What Kajabi can do for you

I might not know you personally, but I know with certainty that you have knowledge, skills or a talent other people can benefit from. One method of sharing your ideas with the world is creating an online course, running a membership site or offer digital downloads. There are many course creation platforms out there that help course creators get started building their online businesses. Kajabi is the #1 place on the internet to to share your knowledge with the world since it's the only one platform that lets you build your entire business from one dashboard — even seasoned entrepreneurs like Mel Abraham or Brendon Burchard swear by Kajabi as their go-to platform.

An overview of all the things Kajabi can do for course creators.


Kajabi does it all – on one single platform

Course creation is now easier than ever with a range of video tutorials and templates that you can use to plug your own content in. Kajabi has it all on one single platform - create your online courses, benefit from easy website creation with the website builder, control your sales and marketing with the sales funnel builder and email marketing features offered by Kajabi and know exactly where your business is at with the super easy analytics tools.

An online course platform can enable you as an online course creator to participate in the knowledge commerce industry.


Creating and selling digital products like online courses in no time

As aspiring course creators, the task of actually creating digital products like online courses can sound daunting for some, but with Kajabi you can do it with ease. An online course is a great way for new entrepreneurs starting in the digital space to kickoff their online course business. Compared to other online course platforms, I found the process of building your online course on Kajabi to be extremely easy.

One of the online courses built on Kajabi – I specifically love the big video player, the clean sidebar with the course topics and the nice overview in the dashboard.


Even more important, the final product just looks fantastic. On other online course platforms I wasn't quite happy with the end result — on Podia, for example, I found the online course themes to look rather "childish" whereas Thinkific was plain and a bit boring.


Build your course business with professionally designed templates

Kajabi offers many templates in order to design better customer experiences for your courses or coaching programs. The user just logs in on your website with email address and password and immediately lands on their course area, where the users can see every product they own from you. The Kajabi product themes you can choose from look very professional and usually offer the users a nice table of contents as an overview of your course content.



Kajabi suits every type of business

There are also several ways you can publish your course content, which offers a lot of flexibility for course creators and businesses of any type. For online course themes, you can pick from "Blank", which allows you to start a product from scratch with a blank blueprint, "Mini Course", which creates a quick and easy to consume course to build brand value, the classic "Online Course", which lets course creators build a world class online learning experience for their members or even a "Drip Course", that "drips" your content over a series of weeks to your members. This is especially helpful if you want to create online courses that are complementary to an offline learning program or design online courses as cohort learning experiences.

Kajabi product themes for your online course.


Create a membership site or course, offer digital downloads in exchange for an email address and sell your products all from the same dashboard. There are no additional fees for listing on Kajabi so it's a one-stop-shop with everything you need to get started. There is no software you have to install as you can use their simple drag and drop interface.


Saving big bucks for your business on email marketing

If you have ever managed an email list with a couple of hundred subscribers (and if done right, your email list can grow quicker than you might think), you certainly know how expensive email marketing tools can get. With around 5,000 contacts on my email list, I paid $239 dollars a month on ActiveCampaign for email marketing alone. Then I moved my list to Kajabi and paid $149 dollars for email marketing and all the other money-making features it offers me — say whaaat? 😳

ActiveCampaign pricing options for their email marketing software.


You don't need to be an email marketing expert

I love Kajabi for the fact that you don't need to be a marketing expert or know how to handle complicated email marketing tools to understand their email marketing automation. With Kajabi, you can send beautiful, customizable emails without having to set up your own email account, using their pre-built templates, with best practices (like subject line validation) built right in to help keep your messages out of the spam folder.


So if you're thinking about cutting back on the marketing budget, switch from a pricey monthly service provider like ActiveCampaign or ConstantContact to Kajabi and save some serious cash!


Kajabi pricing: A breakdown of all pricing options

Since we're already talking about how much I paid for email marketing tools alone in the, let's break down the Kajabi pricing and find which pricing plan might be the right one for you to choose.


Kajabi offers three different plans: The Basic Plan, the Growth Plan and the Pro Plan. Kajabi's basic plan is perfect for those who want to market their course or product but do not need the more advanced features that come with Kajabi's Growth and Pro Plans.


The Basic plan starts at $119/month, and it already includes all the tools you would need to build an online business empire. You can build your website, control your sales and marketing, have all the course creation features, send unlimited marketing emails, build marketing funnels and even offer subscription or a payment plan on your checkout pages — all of that and more for the starting price of $119/month, which is literally half of what I paid for my email marketing campaigns on ActiveCampaign alone!


The Growth plan includes all the features of the Basic plan, plus a few more to help you scale your business, like more products, contacts, active members and options for larger teams like adding admin users. You can get the Growth plan for $159/month.


Finally, there is Pro plan for those Kajabi users who need everything plus a code editor under one roof. This is best for advanced users who know how to program and want to modify the code on their website. The highest tier costs $319/month or $399/month, depending on your payment plan.

Overview of the different plans Kajabi offers.


Kajabi Access: Get even more guidance in the knowledge commerce market

Kajabi Access is a new program developed by the Kajabi that offers entrepreneurs one-on-one guidance and access to new resources, services, and tools for maximizing success on the Kajabi platform.


With Kajabi Access, you get 6 one-on-one Kajabi Access, you get six one-on-one sessions with Kajabi experts on how to best utilize the platform for your success. This includes strategy and planning as well as detailed walkthroughs of all features in the program.


Kajabi’s success team is there to answer any questions during those meetings and follow up with you with everything you want to know regarding sales and marketing, your course creation, the user experience or the platform itself.

The new Kajabi product "Kajabi Access".


Bonus: Access to the Custom Code Editor

What's also nice: Previously only available to Pro plan users, with Access you’ll get the opportunity to use the Kajabi Custom Code Editor. Add your own touch to your business website by customizing all aspects of your site with no platform limits. This is more than the already powerful drag and drop editing area you already get without Kajabi Access.


Build your own website with ease

Different to other course platforms, with Kajabi you can even build your own website with just a few clicks. Not kidding. It's great that this website will be completely integrated with all other elements of your business, which makes Kajabi way more than just a simple course platform.

Just one of the many beautiful website themes Kajabi offers their users.


The problem with running your website on WordPress

I used to run my website on WordPress before and even though I know that it's a very powerful platform, let's just face it — if you don't like to spend weeks on setting your site up with a clunky website builder, it's pretty frustrating to use! So many plugins, so many features... it's overwhelming! And even worse, once you put in some serious work to design your website (which usually comes at an extra annual fee you have to pay for a website design tool like Elementor), you'll most likely notice a very common flaw of sites run with WordPress — slow page speed! The #1 conversion killer on the internet (right before using the Comic Sans MS font for your website copy).

A slow WordPress website seems to be a problem for many WordPress users.


Sure, you can fix a slow website. But how do you do it? Purchasing extra plugins and putting lots of frustrating work in again. Or hiring an expert. Meh. With Kajabi, you can choose from a large variety of customizable themes and get your website done without the help of a designer, and it simply works and is fast.


Beware of the hidden extra costs

(Hosting can get expensive. With WordPress you have to pay for it. Kajabi pays for hosting.)

What's even worse with WordPress is that you have to pay for your own hosting which can get quite expensive. The highly experienced blogger Michael Hyatt calls WordPress "a crack cocaine sample. It is designed to get you hooked. Once that happens, the expenses begin to mount. He goes on and states that he himself spends "more than $1,000 a month" on his blog.


As an online business owner, it's important to have predictable monthly costs.


This is another huge argument for Kajabi, because they take care of your hosting. Your traffic is not capped and always stable. When building your business on Kajabi, you don't have to worry about its expenses outgrowing you — no matter the traffic, you'll never spend more than the plan you've chosen. Kajabi hosting for both your website and digital products like online courses is stable and reliable — which makes it more than a course platform.


Why it's important to have a website

If you want to run a successful online business, you need more than a course. A website makes it easier for your customers to find and buy any digital product that you have to offer. Having a website is also excellent to build trust with potential clients by providing additional information such as blog posts.

With Kajabi, it's easy to build your own blog.


To start building up the brand value of my company I need more than just my course in order to succeed; one way I'm doing this is through creating content blogging regularly. With Kajabi this is as easy as it gets since every plan also features a blog. This post for example is written on my very own Kajabi blog that I can directly access in the very same dashboard where I have the course platform, all email marketing tools to launch my marketing campaigns, the sales funnel builder to attract new users to my site and all other admin user features to manage and administrate my users, a course or my marketing.

This is how this blog post looks in my user backend.


Unlimited landing pages at no extra cost

As you can see, Kajabi is not just about course creation. One of my favorite features of Kajabi is that I have unlimited landing pages that I can launch, test and tweak at no extra cost to promote a course. Before Kajabi, people told me that Unbounce is a great tool to build those kind of pages. Looking at their site, their recommended plan starts at $120 dollars a month and it goes up to $300 dollars a month in the higher end — for this feature alone! If you want to keep your business clean and lean, don't spend so much extra money unnecessarily. Please.

Pricing for page building software like Unbounce can get quite expensive.


Kajabi lets you launch sales and marketing funnels in a matter of minutes

With Kajabi, you can launch powerful, flexible landing pages in a few clicks and even design full blown sales and marketing funnels, which Kajabi does with their pipeline builder that is included in every plan. Just pick a theme in the pipeline builder, customize with your own flair, and hit “publish.”

Kajabi has a wide range of templates you can choose from to build funnels for your course (or Pipelines, as they call them).


Why a good sales funnel builder matters

You might ask yourself, why should you even bother about sales funnels? The answer is simple: They are crucial for conversions. Without conversions, you can't make any money. In fact, without sales or leads your business might as well not exist at all.


Sales funnels have the power to deliver customers right into the arms of our product or service with just one click — and they're a just a few clicks away if you build them with Kajabi.


You'll get:

  • Pages that convert visitors into leads and buyers.
  • A wide range of themes to choose from — or create a brand new one!
  • A simple drag & drop editor that makes it super-easy to build and design pages without any coding knowledge.

Inside the Kajabi sales funnel builder.


Build online communities that don't lurk on Facebook

Do you use Facebook? Even if you do, it's highly likely that your target customers don't. Facebook is on the decrease among teens and young adults.


In fact, Facebook's teen users have dropped by a quarter in just two years. And that doesn't even take into account the other social media giants like Instagram or TikTok which are on the rise among teens and young adults.


Your customers might not be on Facebook so make a smart decision and build a community on your own website, a platform that YOU own. Kajabi makes it extremely easy to build your own community where people can interact and engage with each other.


Get to know your customers, build enthusiasm around your products, capture success stories, and turn your audience into a valuable community of support.

With Kajabi, you can build Facebook Group-like communities on your own website.


An integrated CRM to manage all your contacts & customers in one place

When I made my first steps in the online business world, I was shocked about the pricing of some CRM tools. After all, it's just a fancy version of a Google Sheet, isn't it? Well, not quite — it's definitely a powerful support to manage your contacts and support your marketing and sales endeavors. And it's even more powerful if it's smoothly integrated into all other elements of your business.


Kajabi offers a CRM tool as an additional feature of the platform, and it's free! It works beautifully, is super easy to use and even has some nice automation functionalities that will save you a lot of time and help you to scale your business.


With Kajabi’s CRM, you can tag people based on their behavior, make personal notes, and use the insights you gain to improve your marketing, automation, and products.

You don't have to pay extra for a CRM, since Kajabi has this all integrated.


Show me the money!

Alright, it's payday! Nice. But how can you ensure that people have a seamless experience when paying you for your products and services and the money actually lands in your bank account? Good thing Kajabi integrates easily with payment providers such as Stripe and PayPal.

Connect Stripe and PayPal to your course platform with just a few clicks.


After completing the sale in Kajabi, your customer will be redirected to a payment page where they'll enter their payment information. This could be handled by Stripe or PayPal if that's what you've selected during integration and it's amazing that you can do all that with just a few clicks. With other tools I used like Clickfunnels for example, I had to chose to either use Stripe OR PayPal as a payment method to offer to my customers. Once again, this is a conversion killer!


Fancy your own mobile app for your online course?

I'm not an app developer and chances are, you're neither. Yet, you could still say I have an app, or at least people can access my digital products through an app on their mobile phone. It's nice that I don't have to pay anyone to do this for me and that I Kajabi literally gives you an app for free, which helps me to focus on things that really matter like course creation, content, marketing and everything related to my users and their user experience.

The Kajabi mobile app gives your members access to your content wherever they are.


You can give your customers convenient on-the-go access to your products with the Kajabi mobile app so they can stream audio, cast video, have a password-free login, and more – without you having to pay for another course platform. People like to consume their content on their phones, and Kajabi is the perfect platform to make that happen.


Have you ever hosted your course videos on YouTube?

Then you know that sucks! People grab the link of the unlisted video, share it with their friends and voilá, your course is all over the internet (for free). With Clickfunnels for example, their was simply no other option in your course creation process than hosting your videos on YouTube or paying for an extra video hosting tool, on top of their $297 dollar monthly plan. Hm, I don't miss those times.

The Clickfunnels pricing, which gets pretty expensive rather quickly.


Kajabi uses Wistia to host your videos, and it comes included, completely for free. Wistia alone would run you $99 dollars per month, for just 10 videos. Oops. Even though it's actually understandable that they have high prices since bandwidth is super expensive. I don't know who the guys at Kajabi negotiated this deal with Wistia to offer us the tool on top for free, but they did a fantastic job on it, and we can benefit from that!

Wistia video hosting alone could be pretty expensive.


You can upload your videos straight to Kajabi and immediately use them in digital products, websites, landing pages, and more. The fantastic thing about this is, that your videos are protected from theft. Finally you don't have to worry about your online course appearing all over the internet and then hiring expensive lawyers to clean the mess up.

You've put lots of efforts into your course — do yourself a favor and protect it from theft.


Check in on your students' progress

For an outstanding learning experience, it's crucial to know your students' progress. You can easily see which of their assignments they're struggling with, and then work one-on-one to help them catch up or get ahead.


Whatever the learning style is for each student, they can do it at their own pace and you can rest assured of their progress by using Kajabi's Assessment feature. Check in on your student’s progress to help them succeed and use their results to refine your offering.


Unlike other online course platforms, they actually care.

One final thing I want to mention here that really impressed me about Kajabi is their amazing customer service — huge shutout to the whole customer support team at Kajabi! They have a live chat window at the bottom of the screen with an icon to connect you immediately and the customer support available 24 hours per day, 365 days out of the year.

The Kajabi customer support is simply amazing.


I'm all for companies who make themselves accessible like this and strive for excellence! It's so much nicer than texting with a bot or have to deal with bad customer support channels. I just have the feeling that the guys at Kajabi actually care, and they really want to see you succeed. That is, after all, for me the biggest reason why they will win in the huge competitive space of online business platforms for digital products.


Of course, there are a bunch of other features that I didn't mention and plenty more reasons to check it out for yourself. Why not give it a shot?


If you haven't already, consider signing up for a free 14-day trial using my personal partner link.


If you do, I'll enable you to participate in Kajabi's exclusive kickstart program, the Idea To Income challenge. You'll get step-by-step guidance on how to create a digital product, design a sales system, and market to your audience. Plus dedicated support along the way. After finishing the Idea To Income challenge, you'll have a fully functional business and a polished digital product that's ready to sell.


The cool thing is that if you decide to stick with Kajabi, part of your payment comes back to support me to keep this blog running without any ads. This support comes at no charge to you! How cool is that??


Check out all the details here.




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