Consulting, Strategy, Public Speaking, Generative AI

  • Spearheading the digital business advisory in the business consulting unit of Arvato Systems Bertelsmann. Initial development of the digital business consulting portfolio and its expansion by closing strong partnerships such as Udacity 🔗.
  • Consulting projects include creating the digital and data strategy of a wind farm company to scale to a 10,000-megawatt pipeline, a significant contribution to Germany’s transition towards renewable energy.
  • Speaking engagements at events hosted by companies such as Microsoft 🔗, SAP 🔗, and Bertelsmann 🔗 with a strong emphasis on the advancements in generative AI.
  • Started a Master of Science in Sustainability, Entrepreneurship, and Technology at Tomorrow University & Vienna University of Economics and Business, a program with a unique approach to academic education 🔗.



Mittelstand Upskilling, Content Strategy, Online Summit

  • Initiated a learning community to provide employees of Mittelstand companies with “been there, done that” advice from digital experts. I was interviewed about the company and the role of podcasts in it by tech unicorn Kajabi 🔗.
  • Co-hosted and produced a podcast that landed under Germany’s top 10 business podcasts on Spotify 🔗.
  • Hosted an online summit with 15 speakers with a wide range of digital business topics for Mittelstand companies 🔗.



E-Learning, Online Course Optimization, Podcast

  • Helped initiating Founders Foundation’s online startup school, a learning platform for aspiring founders to learn from first-hand from experienced entrepreneurs 🔗.
  • Helped with the optimization of the learning platform of, a professional modeling platform with over 1 million users 🔗.
  • Helped validating a concept for a digital product management course targeted to professionals in India.
  • Started the Sales Coffee podcast under the Revenue Academy brand to interview executives during a transformational time of digital collaboration with most companies implementing remote work policies due to the ongoing Covid-19 epidemic 🔗.



Entrepreneur Interviews, Academia, 1st E-Book

  • Co-initiated the Make It Real podcast by Prof. Dr. Brinckmann featuring interviews with some of the world’s most renowned entrepreneurs 🔗.
  • Gained experience in academia as Prof. Dr. Jan Brinckmann’s academic assistant at ESADE Business School for his classes on entrepreneurship. ESADE is consistently ranking among the world’s best universities in business and law 🔗.
  • Launched my first e-book, a productivity guide in Spanish called Rutina Ganadora 🔗.



Crypto in Latin America, Medical Tourism, Coffee Brand, Content Creation Beginnings

  • Helped the Japan-based cryptocurrency exchange BITPoint to launch its Latin America operations in Argentina, Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, Ecuador, Peru and the Dominican Republic as a marketing lead. Achieved getting on the official Facebook whitelist for advertising as one of the very few cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide. 🔗
  • Created a minimum viable product for a medical tourism platform with a few users and learned that a two-sided marketplace is not the next startup endeavor I want to focus on (you’re essentially trying to start two complex businesses in parallel) 🔗.
  • Exported 100 kilograms of a premiered Colombian premium coffee from Colombia to Germany and sold it under an own direct-to-consumer brand with two friends 🔗.
  • First steps as a content creator interviewing entrepreneurs in the city of Medellín, Colombia, and starting an own YouTube channel in Spanish with the focus on topics such as entrepreneurship and personal development 🔗.



First Start-Up, Founders Academy, Bachelor Thesis

  • Incorporated with two co-founders and got accepted into the accelerator for international companies of Ruta N in Medellín, Colombia to validate our concept in the Latin American market from there. With a limited budget and rather high customer acquisition costs, we had to give up on the venture in less than a year 🔗.
  • Won the Founders Academy by Founders Foundation with our team, providing a digital orthodontics solution 🔗.
  • Validated a concept for a WhatsApp chatbot and acquired first clients with two other founders, one is still actively working on the company.
  • Project lead for the STARTUP_X satellite event of first iteration of the Hinterland of Things conference in Bielefeld, Germany 🔗.
  • Wrote my Bachelor’s thesis on Doing Business in Colombia, graduated from the program as best of the year 🔗.



Founders Foundation, Blockchain, Startup Mexico

  • Started as the first intern at Founders Foundation. Helped building up the educational programs for aspiring entrepreneurs. My work there helped me to eventually switch the sides and become one of the participants of these programs as well, which led me to my first practical steps in entrepreneurship myself. 🔗
  • Wrote a research paper on a blockchain use case in supply chain economics 🔗.
  • Did an internship at Startup Mexico in Mexico City, delving into the Latin American startup ecosystem. CEO Marcus Dantus (now on TV with Shark Tank Mexico) wrote me a recommendation letter 🔗.



Mexico Academic Exchange Year, European Summer School

  • Moved to Mexico for an academic exchange year at Ibero Puebla as part of my Bachelor’s degree. Had to take all my courses in Spanish and learned the language fluently that way 🔗.
  • Participated in the European Summer School of Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences and helped leading the group of 20 students from seven countries as a mentor 🔗.



Kindergarten Work, Starting University, Math Tutor

  • Worked in a kindergarten to bridge the gap of a few months between leaving the first university program and starting the new one.
  • Started my Bachelor’s degree in International Studies in Management at Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences 🔗.
  • Started working as a tutor of Mathematics at the university after passing the Mathematics for Economists exam with the top grade.



Abitur, Dual Studies

  • Finished high school in my hometown with the Abitur (highest school-leaving qualification in Germany).
  • Wasn’t super sure what to study after high school, so I figured a dual study program that combined work and three study fields (law, economics, and social sciences) was a good option. The pay seemed attractive to me as an 18-year-old, too! Realized fairly quickly after talking to some of the experienced colleagues in university who have worked in the field for 10+ years, that working at a city hall wasn’t my career path and decided to change the university.